It Takes a Village

Last Monday evening, we hosted the first Demo Night for the Cambridge Dogpatch Lab. 

This is an idea that has had extraordinary success in our other Labs on Pier 38 in SF & in Union Square in NYC.  The purpose of these events is to bring Dogpatch residents and selected guest founders from outside the DPL community together with invited Angel Investors, “Super Angels” & early stage VCs in each market. 

A really exciting element is that these Nights are pulling in investors across markets.  To the extent that a fundamental goal of Dogpatch Labs includes the cross-pollination of ideas, expertise & networks across communities & markets —  this has been a great thing to see. 

Monday night, seven resident & two guest companies who are each in the process of raising early seed capital presented their projects for 10 minutes apiece.  Reaction from founders & angels alike was great. 

We’ve outlined that we’ll be running these Demo Nights several times a year in each location.  Prospective investors can both track company-building progress as well as lay the groundwork for relationship-building with compelling entrepreneurs.  And entrepreneurs can begin the process of relationship exploration themselves.

Another of the interesting takeaways from these Nights is that there is great opportunity in bringing the ‘virtual founder community” together.  Each of the three DPL markets is uniquely-vibrant, and each carries a different founder community flavor.  In Cambridge, it was great to see TechStars, CIC & DartBoston folks attend,   just as it’s been great to have Hackers & Founders folks involved in NYC & Startup2startup folks join us in SF.

We’ll be doing another of these within the next 60 days as a new Dogpatch pledge class joins us in Cambridge.

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