Open Source Entrepreneurship & the Open Angel Forum

We’re hosting Open Angel Forum @dogpatchlabs Cambridge 6/18  We did this last month at Dogpatch Union Square in NYC and it was a smashing success.  So we’re excited to be working closely with Jason Calcanis & Tyler Crowley on these events.

As mentioned in previous posts, Dogpatch is all about “Open”.    We’ve taken a real effort to invite in & involve angels, super angels & other investors into each of the 3 Labs for Demo Days, Workshops and  meetups.  We’ve had over 20 Dogpatch teams in total receive funding so far, and our overall Dogpatch goals key on supporting a thriving environment where deserving teams successfully raise capital — from a variety of investors.

Each of the Labs encourages entrepreneurs who’re not residents to stop in, hang out & mix it up with residents & folks in their networks.

Shortly after OAF, we’ll be hosting a “meet the new Dogpatchers” event in Cambridge to encourage more of this type of stuff.   And we’ll shortly be announcing several Tech Partner Workshops designed to facilitate connections & collaboration between founders & platform providers.

To our thinking — the more open the community, the better idea advancement — & value creation — is fostered.

Great approaches like OAF fit well with our philosophy of actively supporting Open Source Entrepreneurship and the Founder Virtual Community.

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