VKernel & VMware’s market capitalization

Some props for VKernel doing its part for VMware :).  Interesting post by Bryan Semple, CMO @ VKernel, a Polaris portfolio where I sit on the Board…

VKernel Pumps Up VMware Stock Price – Please Send Check

A recent Goldman Sachs report called out VKernel as one of the reasons Goldman reiterated a buy rating on VMware stock. VMware opened up 2.5% that morning, adding by my rough calculation nearly $131M to VMware’s market cap.I think VKernel should get a share of some of the $131M.To help facilitate this, I have created a paypal account (bsemple@vkernel.com) where VMware can deposit money. After all, I need to fund our Gold Winner, Best of VMworld, Virtualization Managementaward party.In all seriousness, the VMware ecosystem is a major win for VMware. The vibrancy of that ecosystem was on display at the recent VMworld. Only through the combined innovation of all the partners will we be able to fill the gaps and holes in the VMware product suite. That is not a dig on a VMware, it is just the Darwinian reality that with hundreds of companies working to solve problems in the virtualization management stack, some will rise above the internal development efforts of VMware. That is a good thing for everyone.

So thank you VMware for a great show and vibrant ecosystem.

Bryan Semple

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