Gus Weber & Matt Meeker: Dogpatch EIRs

You might have recently seen that Gus and Matt joined Polaris as Dogpatch EIRs in Cambridge/Kendall Square and NYC/Union Square, respectively.

What’s a Dogpatch Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and why are these additions significant, you might ask?

Well, this much we’ve learned. First, though we have a long way still to go, each of the three Labs has been really successful by most any measure (e.g., over 300 founders in total have launched their companies and over 55 teams have received funding since our start, including 9 from us). Second, it takes ALOT of time and work to support talented entrepreneurs the right way.

Among the things we aim to accomplish in each Dogpatch class include catalyzing connections of folks with potential advisors, mentors and investors. As well as organizing quality thematic workshops, events and sometimes, merely social mixers which accelerate connections. And linking of the Dogpatch communities with other communities of like-minded innovators (e.g, TechStars, NYC Seed Start, CIC). And with the other Dogpatches when topical expertise can be leveraged across markets (e.g., cloud talent in Cambridge, social media marketing talent in NYC, social commerce expertise in SF). As well as encouraging platform providers like Facebook, Microsoft, HP and other key players like EngineYard to interract with the flow of great projects underway thorough seminars,
hack-a-thon and similar events. And working to deliver on our stated goal to help every deserving team secure funding by things like Angel Demo
Nights and working closely with Open Angel Forum. Oh, and helping to give guidance on product, technology and business strategy when needed.

Alot of work. And work that’s helped really well by folks with directly-relevant experience as founders and technologists themselves — who are based every day in the Labs.

Gus helped as much as anyone to get Microsoft N.E.R.D. built and off the ground. Before that, he built an innovation incubator while a post-grad at Rochester Institue of Technololgy. He’s well-known and respected as a connector, tecm-builder and innovator’s advocate in the Boston community.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and incredibly accomplished product builder. His last company, MeetUp, was both a significant business and critical success. And it will not be his last.

Both of these guys will help us take Dogpatch into its next phase of growth. And it ‘ll be fun for all of us to work with them along the way.

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