@dogpatchlabs SF: Preparing for The Next Chapter

Since 2008, Pier 38 has been the inspirational home to Dogpatch Labs San Francisco and nearly 250 entrepreneurs. Using the shared space and mentorship that @dogpatchlabs SF has provided, these creative minds formed over 150 innovative companies.

Unfortunately, our Pier 38 home will soon be changing.

The Port Authority of San Francisco notified all Pier 38 tenants today that they must vacate the building by the end of September. This action stems from specific building code violations that were provided to Pier 38 building management in mid-August.

While today’s action creates an interesting set of relocation challenges, we want to use this moment to recognize and celebrate a few important milestones from our two-and-a-half years at Pier 38.

First, @dogpatchlabs SF companies secured over $100 million in funding.

Second, eight companies moved to acquisition, including AppJet, Wild Pockets, Thing Labs (Brizzly), Rec Rec, Movity, Fridge, and LOLapps.

Other big names to remember include Instagram, Formspring, TaskRabbit, Yardsellr, StyleSeat, LearnBoost, MyPad and Recurly.

For our current and former entrepreneurs, the time spent at Pier 38 developing their companies has been significant.

Long hours, group coffees, lunches, speaker presentations, successes and failures will all be remembered and associated with this first home.

We will also remember many dynamic Pier 38 neighbors like Twilio, 99 Designs, Jambool (Google), Social Media (Living Social), Automattic /Wordpress, Threadsy, and True Ventures.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working with each of our current @dogpatchlabs SF residents to help ensure that they have a suitable workplace going forward.

And as we seek a new location for @dogpatchlabs SF, our commitment to supporting early-stage startups is unchanged. We look forward to beginning a new chapter in our history very soon.

This afternoon, my partner, Ryan Spoon put up a great post on the Look Back & the Look Ahead.

See you on the other side!

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