Spindle: The Discovery Engine for The Social Web

We’re incredibly-enthused about Spindle.

We’ve been working together w/ Pat, Simon, Alex L & Alex J & the team for about a year. And Biff Labs is now about to introduce the world to Spindle.

Spindle will be all about making social content more discoverable.

The social web is fast-surpassing the indexable web as the most dynamic source of news and information. And as this value shift continues, it becomes critical to surface more & more —  and better & better content.

But most content still goes unseen. And discovery is lacking.

Discovery is ripe for reimaging from the ground up.

And Spindle aims to help unlock the unrealized value of the social web.

Surfacing & connecting to that data — and the people & businesses behind it —  as well as where, when & how it can be used best — is what Spindle will be all about.

Pat & the team are super-passionate about the social corpus.  And the opportunities to create user value.  And so are we.

Pat’s blog post: 

After nearly a year and a half of work as Biff Labs, I’m thrilled to introduce Spindle…

At Spindle, we believe deeply that the world’s most valuable information lies within the social web.

As people have embraced that it’s easier to share through Facebook and Twitter than it is to create and update a website, the social web has become the most dynamic and authoritative source of news and information.

More than 900 million people and over 9 million businesses use Facebook. Nearly 200 million people broadcast via Twitter. The quality of these voices and the breadth of their expertise is truly boundless.

Collectively, they share a stream of updates that can satisfy any interest or inform any decision.

Although this stream is often only a few clicks away, most content fails to reach you when and where it could help you the most.

While it’s easy to keep up with your friends and the few organizations you care about, the vast majority of content is shared by the hundreds of millions of people you are not friends with.

We believe that the social web is fundamentally new… and that discovery needs to be reimagined from the ground up.

Location, device, time of day, the structure of the physical world, your social graph, and your interests can uncover dramatically better content than keywords.

At Spindle, we’re building the discovery engine for the social web. We aim to help you discover interesting and actionable social content when and where it can help you the most.

We still have an enormous task ahead of us, but aren’t going it alone. Through good fortune and many cross country flights, we’re excited to announce a fantastic group of investors: Dave Barrett and Ryan Spoon at Polaris, John Lilly at Greylock, David Lee and the team at SV Angel, Eric Hippeau and everyone at Lerer Ventures, Ray Ozzie, Michael Ovitz, Raman Narayanan, Reed Sturtevant and Katie Rae at Project 11, and Dustin Dolginow and Ryan Moore at Atlas.

We’re not quite ready to reveal exactly how Spindle works, but we’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks and months. If you’d like early access to Spindle, please register on our homepage. You can follow us here and on Twitter. We’ve shared some of our history on Facebook as well.

I’m excited to announce that we’re hiring. If you’d like to help sift the social web and reimagine how people discover social content, we’d love to hear from you. We need help on all fronts and are filling several open positions.

I’m constantly amazed by the content shared on the social web and am excited by Spindle’s ability to uncover it. We can’t wait to share Spindle with all of you soon.

Looking forward to the road ahead…

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