MarkMonitor and Online Brand Protection

Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) announced this morning that it will be acquiring our portfolio company, MarkMonitor.

Thomson’s move affirms MarkMonitor’s winning combination:  A big opportunity, an urgent customer problem, a compelling value proposition, an exceptional business model, a unique big data asset and an outstanding management team.

Irfan Salim & his team championed a powerful vision – to protect brands in the digital world.  And to do so by delivering a unified, online platform.

Irfan is a five-time CEO/COO who’s repeatably built exceptional customer, shareholder and industry value at Lotus, Software Publishing, Trend Micro, Zone Labs and now, MarkMonitor.  He and his management team have built a high growth, very profitable business serving up critical, strategic value to help safeguard the reputations of the top brands in in the world.

Delivering critical brand reputation information has proven to be incredibly powerful.  Data which enables comparison of industry peers and competitors. Actionable data which enables not just prevention – but also shutdown of brand-eroding activities as they occur:

  • digital asset misuse (assets like trademarks, URLs or Facebook accounts)
  • grey market & counterfeit product sales
  • brand identity phishing & redirection

The vision was made into reality by great people we’ve been thrilled to support for the past three and a half years.

We’re proud to have worked with Irfan & the MarkMonitor team in helping them build a significant & important SaaS company.

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