Spindle: What’s Happening Around You

Stoked.  Spindle launched today in the SF Bay & Great Boston areas.

Mike Isaac posted a great All Things D piece today.

Spindle co-Founder Pat Kinsel’s post earlier this afternoon:

Today, we’re releasing Spindle in Greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. You can download Spindle for iPhone here.

We’ve built a new tacit search technology to help you discover interesting, relevant social content when and where it can help you the most.

Thanks to the geolocation capabilities of our phones, there are plenty of ways to find nearby businesses. But wouldn’t it be better if you could walk down the street, tune into the content being shared around you, and discover the most interesting stuff happening right now…?

Like a news feed for your surroundings, Spindle uncovers the best social content from nearby businesses and points of interest. Spindle updates throughout the day, showing you the most relevant, interesting, and actionable content for your location and time.

Spindle will uncover bakeries posting about fresh muffins in the morning, restaurants showing off lunch specials, bookstores announcing a guest speaker, spas with last minute openings, boutiques announcing new or discounted items, or bars promoting a band performing that evening.

Under the covers, Spindle uses an entirely new approach to determining what’s relevant and interesting right now. Spindle combines the power and flexibility of search technologies with location, time of day, the structure of the physical world, the social graph, and attributes of each social update to answer “what’s happening around me?”

And Spindle is about more than just surfacing great content:

  • Tell your friends you’re going to a spot, let people know when there’s something happening in your current location, or point people to something cool you discovered.
  • Publish your activity to Facebook and Twitter, and follow your Facebook and Twitter friends on Spindle to see what they’re discovering, too.
  • Choose a filter like Shopping or Nightlife to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Add spots to your Favorites list and Spindle will tell you what’s happening at just those places.
  • Select a different location to tune in and discover what’s happening elsewhere.

We’re releasing Spindle in Greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area to test and improve our discovery engine’s relevance. Like any search application, the most important insight is how people use the service. We’d appreciate any and all feedback, but we’re particularly interested in what you think of the results. Our technology is extremely flexible and capable of surfacing just about anything you can think of. We’ll be adding more regions shortly, so vote for your city by registering with your zip code on our home page. And if there’s something you’d like to see, we’d love to hear about it here.

We’re constantly surprised by the amazing content that Spindle uncovers and we’re willing to bet you’ll discover more happening in your neighborhood than you ever imagined.

– Pat

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