Boston Seaport – We’ll Be Home Soon!

We couldn’t be more stoked about our impending move to the Innovation District.

As Kendall Square continues to be the innovative cradle for most all things Tech & Life Sciences. the Seaport area is coming on fast as a complementary center of heat for startup growth and scaling.  There’s room and need for both and we’re “all-in” with both.

Our plans have been made, our lease has been signed, and our design work is in full swing.  In late winter, Polaris will open our new headquarters on the 10th floor of One Marina Park Drive in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District.

Within minutes of more than 30 of our portfolio companies located throughout Cambridge, Kendall Square, and within the Innovation District itself, our center of gravity will be positioned at the heart of our region’s start up economy.  Our new digs will allow us to be more efficient with our time and welcome far more local entrepreneurs and innovators through our doors.

Waltham has served us well over the last 14 years, and we’ll keep both offices for the next couple of years.  But no doubt that the puck always keeps moving.  And so much of what we do is anticipating where it’ll be over the years to come.  In our view, the puck is very much in Kendall, but it also is moving steadily into the zone of the Seaport.

As Pete Carroll would say, we’re “jacked & pumped” to see you in our new home soon!


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