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I was an entrepreneur & an operating guy.

For years, I’ve taken perverse pride in differentiating my background from other investors as result of my 18-odd years of operating experience. And the scars to prove my journey.

And I take pride in efforts to be the business partner & board member I would like to have.

I’ve been a Partner with Polaris Partners since my transition from the operating world in March 2000.  Though based out of Boston Seaport at Ground Zero of the Innovation District, I spend an equal amount of time in SF/Silicon Valley, SoCal, Silicon Slopes & Dublin.

I invest in all things SaaS & Cloud. Cloud infrastucture that disrupts the status quo, data Science & prescriptive workflows for Business & Healthcare are consistent themes.

Enterprise has never been out-of-favor with me.  I’m a believer that we’re living in the next gen of the enterprise. There are disruptive innovations in business infrastructure and decision-making technologies that will forever change they way we work.

And that very few of these technologies will be bought, marketed and sold in the manner of the last generation.

I’m passionate about disruptive business & revenue models as well as disruptive technologies.


My current BoD & advisory involvements include:

My past BoDs include:

  • LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM)
  • Logentries (NASDAQ:RPD)
  • MarkMonitor (acquired by Thomson Reuters)
  • Phytel (acquired by IBM)
  • VKernel (acquired by Dell)
  • Archivas (acquired by Hitachi Data Systems)
  • 170 Systems (acquired by Kofax:FE)
  • Centra Software (NASDAQ: CTRA)

Prior to joining Polaris I had a first career as a software operating exec & entrepreneur.

I spent over 11 years with Lotus Development Corporation, including 6 months and 1 day as an IBM employee after their acquisition of the company. I came to Lotus when our start-up GCI (developers of Freelance — the then-leading business graphics application) was acquired by Lotus in 1984 — when Lotus was a $50M revenue company. At Lotus, I did all kinds of things & led all kinds of teams as I grew up as a general manager & executive, ultimately heading up global sales & services.

For nearly half of my time there, Lotus was the largest software company in the world.  During all of my time there, we were a truly seminal company in the tech world. A technology leader and enterprise software pioneer with well over $1B in revenue. IBM purchased us in 1995 for $3.5B. The largest acquisition in industry history at the time.  After that, I headed up ww ops at Pure Atria, where I worked closely with its founder, Reed Hastings, who since has gone on to co-found & run Netflix.  Pure, like Lotus, led their industry (Software Development Automation) with a category-dominating platform. Rational SW purchased us in 1997 for $1B and I stayed on in the same role with them for another year. After that, as Calico’s COO I was fortunate to have led a team that experienced all of the ups & downs that The Bubble had to offer – growth from zero to $50M in revenues, the 6th most successful NASDAQ IPO in history, and market capitalization of over $3.6B.  At least for a good while :).

I met my Polaris partners when I commuted between west coast operating responsibilities and east coast board responsibilities. I’m blessed to have great partners & to be part of a great firm.

On the other side of my life, I’m even more blessed to have three incredible boys and a superstar wife.

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